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So what do you do when you used your first-round draft pick on Tom Brady, putting all your fantasy football hopes on one star quarterback, and then he gets hurt in the first game and can't play the rest of the season?

Well, I'll tell you what you don't do. You don't use Jeff Garcia, your only backup, as your starter for the rest of the season.

Finding myself in this particular situation, I had to make a trade. I looked through the rosters of my opponents to see who had a quality backup quarterback they might be willing to trade me. The best I could find was Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers, sitting on the bench of a guy who I thought might cut be a break. He said he likes Rivers a lot as his backup, and I'd have to blow him away with a trade. So I did. I gave him Reggie Bush, an above average running back, and also Jeff Garcia, so he'd still have a backup quarterback after I took Rivers.

Perhaps I was giving him a lot, because Reggie Bush was pretty stellar last year, and he had an awesome first week this year. But honestly, he was on my bench. My two starting running backs were both ranked higher than Reggie Bush. Without Tom Brady, I needed a starting quarterback more than I needed Reggie Bush on my bench.

My co-worker Jeremy seems to think that I didn't make a good trade, but I think we'll see in a couple weeks if it was worth it. I still maintain that Rivers will have a great year and Bush will not be as valuable as he was last year.
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