Jun. 2nd, 2008

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During the children's moment at church yesterday, the teacher was talking about Jesus and the ten lepers. She said something like, "Do you know what a leper is?"

One little boy said, "A leprechaun?!"


Scott went back to school and Ellen went to camp. :(

I've decided not to sit at home by myself on my birthday. Emily and I are going to the local Longfellow's Tavern to watch the baseball game and sing karaoke. I'm hoping more people will join us, but I kind of doubt anyone will. It's a Wednesday night, after all.

There were actually some emails to answer at work today! We're pretty much done and it's only 11:38, but still. It's the most productive I've ever felt here.

(I say "pretty much done" because there are still emails in the system that we don't have answers for. We'd like to get them down to zero, but that's not possible at this time.)

Does anyone have experience converting a pendant ceiling light fixture into a swag lamp? There are kits available, and I'm considering giving it a try, but I'm very unsure of my electrical handyperson skills.

I accidently went for a six-mile bike ride yesterday. I only wanted to go three or four miles, but the park I wanted to go to was closed for construction. So I just kept going on the road I was on. I didn't want to turn around, and I figured there would be a road to turn on eventually to take me back into town. Well, yeah, eventually. It felt like it took forever though. I'm a little surprised that I wasn't dying afterward, but this is a good thing. I didn't know I could go that far. The biking portion of the triathlon is about twelve miles, so I went about half that. And maybe the triathlon route won't have any big hills to go up. That would be a plus.


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