May. 8th, 2008

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Congratulations to [ profile] karellieloo on her recent engagement! :D

Ellen is home from school, which is tremendous fun. Tonight I went over to the parents' house and the four of us watched Just My Luck. I think that's a cute movie.

I feel like I have to sleep on my neighbors' schedules and that really annoys me. The downstairs couple usually have their TV on until at least 10:30, sometimes 11:30. I feel tired enough to go to bed now (9:30), but I can't because they're being loud and I don't think my space heater would drown them out. Then the upstairs lady makes all kinds of kitchen racket, sometimes as early as 5:00 AM. Even on a day when I'm allowed to sleep in, I have to move to the couch if I want to get any sleep after 7:00 AM. Why can't people just be quiet like me? :P

I haven't had time to exercise this week except on Tuesday. That's not enough.

Kevin said I could use some vacation days before I left. I have six coming to me, so I'm using two on Monday and Tuesday, and then I'll cash out the other four. Ellen can hang out with me on Monday, and Tuesday we can go see Emily at work because it's her birthday. We'll bring her lunch.


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