Mar. 4th, 2008

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I am going to participate in a triathlon. Yes, me... triathlon.

Swimming for 750 meters
Bicycling for 20 kilometers
Running for 5 kilometers

When I was sick last week and missed Bible study, they all decided that we should do a triathlon. Yesterday, when I was there, I found out about this new adventure and agreed to join in the fun. There are at least nine of us that are doing it, so that should help. We're not doing it to win or to beat anyone. We're just doing it for fun and to see if we can finish. And also so we can make matching t-shirts and wear them around together.

The triathlon is September 7, so I have six months to train, and I am officially in training mode. I was already trying to lose weight, but now I'm trying really hard. Curves has been an okay fitness program to get me moving, but it's not going to prepare me for a triathlon. I'm going to have to go jogging a lot, and I need to find a pool to swim in, and I need to get my bicycle from my parents' barn.

I'm glad that now I have a good excuse to turn down food. If someone tries to offer me food at work, I can just say, "Thanks, but I'm training for a triathlon." This is also a great conversation starter.


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