Feb. 14th, 2008

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Happy Valentine's Day!

I got a couple valentines and some candy from co-workers. On his lunch, Ryan went out and bought flowers for some of us girls, which was sweet of him. He gave me a purple rose. Meri said, "He's such the token boy around here." I said, "Eh, he likes it."

I'm way excited about the picture of the day, which I will share later. A young barbershop quartet showed up this afternoon and sang a song to Marissa. It was adorable!

Emily and I are going to visit Ellen at school tomorrow, and we'll come back on Saturday. But we want to leave as soon as we can after work, so I'm planning to get to work at 6 AM tomorrow. That way I can leave at 2:30. Hoo boy, that'll be early. I've done it before though, so I think I'll survive. I just need to get to sleep early tonight, right after band practice.

Oh, and I had a strange dream about speed dating. I think it was brought on by a book I'm reading, but it was kind of funny. I showed up late to the speed dating thing and it was almost over. I looked around at some of the men. There were some old guys, so I didn't go sit by them. There was a young man who seemed nice, but he didn't want to talk to me, and he had blue hair. Then there was this icky guy who was going around to all the girls and getting their names and phone numbers. He came to me and just stared at my chest. He was like, "Oh, yeah. Definitely. What's your name and number?" I was so scared that I didn't know what to do, so I just told him, even though I definitely didn't want to go out with him!

It was my usual type of dream, where it's really unpleasant, and when I wake up, I'm so glad it was just a dream. But still, the unpleasantness stays with me for a bit. I didn't realize how funny it was until I was telling it to Meri, and then I just cracked up!


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